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Job Post FAQs


Reasons to Post on AngularJobs.

  1. Your job reaches developers via AngularJobs proprietary channels.
  2. Top developers actively seek work with bleeding-edge technologies like AngularJS.
  3. Emphasize your companies bleeding-edge status by being present on the job board.

What if AngularJS isn’t the primary tech that we use?

AngularJobs developers simply want to experience working with AngularJS. Some developers may prefer to work in an environment which complements an AngularJS application. Most developers also have non-JavaScript expertise(java, ruby, python, php, etc.). Use the job board to reach developers with a broad range of backgrounds and a common interest in AngularJS.

Is the job board right for me?

If you agree with any of these statements then the job board is right for you:

  • I’m seeking a fresh source of developers who are seeking work with bleeding-edge tech.
  • I’m seeking a high ROI on my advertising budget to find talent.
  • I can determine if someone is a good fit for the job I am hiring for.
  • I am a recruiter.
  • I am hiring for a bootstrapped startup.
  • I am located outside of the US.

What should be included in the job post?

  • Location.
  • What the developer can expect to contribute.
  • Technologies and framework the developer can expect to be exposed to.
  • How the developers success in the position will be judged.
  • Notes about the companies culture.
  • Notes about the developers work environment.
  • Remote positions: Meeting schedules, organizational structure, productivity tools used and other pertinent information for succeeding as a remote part of your team.
  • The perks of working for your company.
  • Compensation expectations.
  • Relocation benefits(if applicable).


How does AngularJobs collect applications?

When a developer clicks ‘Apply’ their name and email address recorded for the hiring party. The contact information and developer submitted files are available via the ‘/developers’ page(results page). AngularJobs notifies you when new developers apply via the job post. Even after the 30 days.

Can I collect application with a third party service?

At the moment, yes! Just input the URL of the link you would prefer developers be directed to when clicking the ‘Apply’ button.

Distribution Channels

How long will the job post remain on the AngularJobs homepage?

Thirty(30) days from the day it is posted.

When will the job post be distributed via AngularJobs social channels?

Each job post distribution is scheduled for a time that has been predicted to reach the most targeted eyes. This social updates usually go LIVE within 24 hours of posting the job.

Who will receive the job post via email?

The job posts are delivered in a biweekly email to developers of the AngularJS Developers Group on LinkedIn.

I want to find AngularJS developers on LinkedIn. Does AngularJobs reach talent on LinkedIn?

Yes, every new post on our job board is shared on LinkedIn via the AngularJS Developers Group.

I want to find AngularJS developers on Facebook. Does AngularJobs reach talent on Facebook?

Yes, every new post on our job board is shared on Facebook via the AngularJobs Page and boosted with a Facebook Ads campaign.

I want to find AngularJS developers on Twitter. Does AngularJobs reach talent on Twitter?

Yes, every new post on our job board is shared on Twitter via @AngularJobs and @AngularJS_news.

I want to find AngularJS developers on Google+. Does AngularJobs reach talent on Google+?

Yes, every new post on our job board is shared on Google+ via the AngularJS Jobs Page.

Money Back Guarantee

What if I am unhappy with my results?

We’ll work with you to repost or return your money.