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Posted: June 17th, 2013 02:22

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At CloudPhysics, we're challenging the status quo of today's data centers. Every day, enterprise data centers across the world send us 50 billion samples of data, and it's our mission to convert that into actionable intelligence for our customers. We help them optimize their systems by shaving costs and avoiding downtime. You can think of us as the hard-core "green tech" guys who are using big data, IoT techniques and serious math to reduce the carbon footprint of data centers.
As you can imagine, this is a challenge of gargantuan proportions. That's what has attracted the top engineers from places like VMware, Google, Cadence, NetApp, and Sun, who are building our cloud-based predictive control system. We're also tackling the challenge on the design front, by creating a user experience that distills the complexity of our technology into something brilliantly simple.
The company is experiencing fast growth. We're looking for smart and motivated engineers who want to stretch the world of enterprise software with access to the world's largest, continuously updated configuration. We chose to build CloudPhysics as a SaaS, because we wanted to put engineers and designers in the driver's seat. And they are! It's an opportunity to work in a small, power team to create incredible solutions with an evidence-driven approach that can impact millions of business around the world.
We are engineers at heart and adopt the same rigor for front as for back end programming. We embraced AngularJS as soon as the code was publicly available. We firmly believe that Dependency Injection and Declarative Programming (HTML) are the best approach to write concise quality code for the UI. We wouldn't code any other way. Our web application on the server side is built using Play/Scala. We use HBase, MongoDB, Redis and OpenTSDB for storing and processing the firehose of data we receive.
Position: Front-End Web Engineer
 - AngularJS hacking experience
 - CSS3 Animations
 - 5+ years of front-end software engineering
 - Available to work out of our new Mountain View office
 - Ideally, active contributor to open source projects, espciallly AngularJS

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